She breaks free from my grasp and runs her hands over my body. She pleads with me and tries to convince me that it’ll be our little secret.

“I can be a good girl and make you very happy,” she whispers.

She’s trying to entice me, but it’s having the opposite effect. I’m not attracted to aggressive, sex-hungry women. They are too easy to find and have. Then once you have them, they are so boring. I like a woman with some mystery, who puts up a challenge.

I scoff and remove her hands from my body.

“I have already made myself perfectly clear on this matter, and I am not going to repeat myself again. I am your boss and my orders are to be obeyed,” I snap.

I don’t care if I hurt her feelings. I’m trying to get work done and I can’t because this woman is all over me every second. It’s very unprofessional and I can’t stand it anymore. I run my business the way I want, and I expect all my employees to obey my rules and orders, for professional reasons.

Her eyes look hurt, and her hands fall limply at her sides. I’m not taking any pity on her right now, though. I have more important things to worry about.

I clear my throat and straighten my suit.

“I need to get back to work. Now I expect you to fix up your clothes and rejoin your team, of which you are an important part, so long as you can maintain your professional behavior,” I tell her, as sternly as possible.

She says nothing and continues to stand there.

As I turn to walk out of the office, she whispers softly, “But I want you.”

I just sigh and roll my eyes, then walk back out to join the others.

We are a small team that is attempting to handle the workload of a large company. This is going to mean very long and stressful workdays. I can’t afford to have anyone bothering me or distracting me right now. Something like that is just too great of a risk.

I’ve worked too hard in life to get where I am and I’m not going to risk it all on some bimbo’s lust- fueled fantasies. I will never tolerate any of my employees acting this way. It could tarnish not only my reputation, but that of the company as well. We could lose clients because of that.

I can only hope my message got through to her, even though, based on past experience with her and knowing how insistent she is on throwing herself at me, it probably didn’t.

Chapter 5


After my long, frustrating day at work is finally over, I decide to head back to the luxurious penthouse apartment I’m renting while I’m working on this project in Pittsburgh. After a quick elevator ride, I stagger through the door.

I feel impatient and frustrated today. I know I have a lot more work to finish still – my work never seems as if it’s done – but I just can’t focus. I’m so damned annoyed with Karen. I tell myself just need a few minutes alone at home to relax and put the situation out of my mind. I have to be at my best because we are in the early stages of this company, so everything has to go perfect.

I sigh as I lie on my soft couch. Of course, I should be used to this stuff by now. This Karen drama. Women are always throwing themselves at me, assuming that they are my type, or that I will be instantly attracted to them.

What many of them don’t know is that that’s never going to happen; I’m extremely picky, and all the women who keep throwing themselves at me are all the same. That makes them indistinguishable in my eyes, and I need a woman who stands out from the crowd and gives me a challenge.

Plus, these women usually start to catch feelings, whenever they meet someone like me. I’m not looking for a relationship, commitment, or anything like that right now. I never am. Being a player is what I’m known for.

This whole situation with Karen gets me wondering what exactly my type of perfect woman really is. I close my eyes as I lay on the couch. I start to think about the type of girl who is my type. I want her to be curvy and feisty and independent and smart.

I smile at the ceiling, realizing that that is definitely the type of woman I’m attracted to. I wish I could meet one out here in Pittsburgh, but I seriously doubt that is going to happen. Back in San Francisco, definitely, but not here. The West Coast girls have a certain laid-back allure to them that I haven’t seen in these hardened East Coast girls.

I slide my hand in my pants and wrap it around my big, hard cock. I stroke it while thinking about what I’d like to do to such a girl. I would love to have her in my bed. To feel her naked body trembling beneath me as I take her virginity. Then to take turns, me eating her out and her going down on me.

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