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“Well, there are a couple of ideas that I’ve been thinking about,” said Tammy. “One is a car wash. Those always do well for fundraisers.”

“Yeah, but I doubt that a car wash is going to raise the amount of money that we need in the time frame that we need it in.”

The room fell silent as we both wracked our brains to come up with another idea.

“What about a giant bake sale?” I said. “It makes sense, with both of us being bakers.”

“Do you know how many cakes we would have to move in two weeks to make that kind of money?” asked Tammy, her eyes bulging out of her head. “We have got to come up with a better plan than that.”

Part of me felt insulted that Tammy had rejected my idea, but a large part of me knew that she was right.

“What about hosting an auction?” asked Tammy. “I earned a ton of money by hosting the last auction. And we could even use this as a venue to sell our baked goods and earn even more money, turning this into a mega event and making a good name for ourselves.”

I thought about the idea for a minute. I didn’t like the idea of having an auction without Elliot. He had already been a huge part of the last two auctions that I had attended. I wasn’t sure if having an auction without him would turn out as well as the last ones had.

But, I had to admit that her idea was the best one that we had come up with so far. I didn’t really see any other viable alternative. And besides, we were just hosting, right? I didn’t have to auction myself off again.

I didn’t think I could bring myself to even if I wanted to. The idea of another man’s hands on me made my skin crawl.

“Okay, I’ll do it,” I said. Tammy clapped excitedly.

I only hoped that I wouldn’t live to regret it.

Chapter Sixteen


I stared at my computer screen in awe. I couldn’t believe the email that I was looking at.

It advertised an auction that was going to be held at Candy’s bakery.

I immediately got angry. She didn’t have time for me, but she had time to host an auction? What a slap in the face. Clearly she’d gotten what she wanted from me and was ready to move on to someone else.

I was determined to go just so that I could see the look on Candy’s face when I bid on another girl. I would do it just to spite her, not because I was interested in anyone else. My feelings were still hurt that she decided to just cut me out of her life.

I had spent the past week partying every night, trying to get myself out of the depressed funk that I’d been in. But, it wasn’t making me feel any better. In fact, it was probably making me feel worse because I just couldn’t stop thinking about Candy.

And that part made me even more angry. Here she was rubbing salt into still-bleeding wounds, but I couldn’t help but miss her, want to see her, to talk to her, to hold her in my arms, and kiss her. I had been dreaming about her almost every night once I finally drifted off to sleep.

I sat, thinking about my last dream. She had come over and told me that she took everything back, and wanted to be with me. She started taking her clothes off right in my driveway, telling me that she didn’t care who saw, but that she wanted me. My dick stiffened in my pants as I thought about her perky nipples standing at full attention and her round, supple ass sashaying back and forth in my driveway.

But even though the thoughts made my cock stir to life in my pants, they weren’t the thoughts haunting me day in and day out. I missed everything about her, not just her body and the fun we’d had under the covers.

I missed her smile, her laugh, I missed the sound of her voice. I missed every single facet of that stunning woman.

I laid back on my bed, overcome with thoughts of Candy. I wished that I could make my dream a reality. I wished I could do anything to bring her back to me, but that’s what was eating me alive more than anything else.

She had made this choice. And even though it was making me insane, it was out of my hands.

So as quickly as the thoughts of her came, I dismissed them.

I had an auction to prepare for.

Chapter Seventeen


I couldn’t calm my nerves no matter what I tried, so I decided to turn to a classic: liquor. I always kept an emergency stash of vodka in my office in case I needed it. I grabbed it from my desk and took a swig of it. It was harsh, burning the back of my throat and making me cough.

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