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With every new number, my paddle shot up in competition.

My paddle shot up.

It climbed and climbed, but I felt numb. Just like that first auction, my eyes were on her and only her, and the rest of the world fell away. Meeting her gaze, I tried to read what was going through her head.

Why had she done this? Was she really willing to give herself away to someone else? But then, why had she dragged herself up to that stage so miserably? I didn’t understand, but I wanted to.

I wanted her back, more than I needed my next breath. Candy was under my skin in a way I couldn’t explain, and I felt lost without her.

Finally, the paddles stopped shooting into the air. Other bidders dropped out one by one until it was between me and the stranger in the back. But there was no suspense, no fear, I knew what I was here for.

No one was taking a taste of my sweet little Candy but me.

“Come up and claim your prize,” said the announcer, finally declaring my victory and cementing what I already knew: That Candy was mine.

I made my way right up to the stage, grabbing Candy’s face and kissing her hard. I tried to pour everything into that kiss, all the heartbreak, all my love for her, everything. That kiss contained a thousand emotions I wanted her to understand.

I slid my hand under her shirt right there in front of everyone. I wanted them all to know whose girl this was, to see that she is made for me and me alone. I slipped my other hand into her panties and worked my fingers between her slick folds. She moaned, grinding against my hand. “Fuck, Elliot,” she gasped before I kissed her again, sticking my tongue into her mouth.

Things were really heating up and the crowd had gone so silent you could hear a pin drop. Her legs trembled and threatened to give out beneath her. I didn’t want her to fall, so I stopped teasing her. I had bigger plans for her.

I grabbed Candy’s hand and marched off of the stage and to my car, despite the protests of the crowd being denied their peep show.

This was only the beginning.

Chapter Nineteen


I was still in shock as he dragged me out of the bakery to his car. I felt like I shouldn’t leave and should have stayed to keep hosting, but I couldn’t resist. And besides, they didn’t expect me to keep hosting while Elliot was claiming his prize, did they?

Kind of hard to play hostess while you’re getting plowed.

I was still tingling from everything that had taken place on stage. I wanted to see what else was going to happen.

But, before anything else, I felt like I owed him an explanation. He had to have tons of questions.

“Let me explain what happened with the auction…”I began, preparing myself for a long-winded explanation.

To my utter shock, he put up his hand, silencing me. I was a little taken aback since I assumed that he would want to talk. I looked at him, trying to figure out if he was upset or what was going on with him. I didn’t get anything from him, but silence.

What could have been going on in his head? Whatever it was, he wasn’t ready to talk, so I had no choice but to sit there with him in silence as he drove. I watched the scenery and figured out that he was taking me to his house.

Once we got to his place, he turned off the car and walked toward the door. I had to walk quickly to keep up with him, and the brisk pace was enough to spike my anxiety. It seemed angry, tense.

But the second the front door opened, he turned to me and picked right up where he’d left off on the stage, kissing me hard. I melted into his arms. He didn’t even bother taking me to his bedroom. He started to strip me right in the foyer, unbuttoning my shirt as he kissed me feverishly, almost ripping my shirt off.

I kissed him back hard, realizing how much I had missed kissing him. His kisses were like oxygen and I’d been holding my breath for days. He took off my shirt and bra, letting my breasts tumble free. He stared down at them hungrily before taking a nipple into his mouth. He sucked my nipple while I wrapped my arms around his neck, feeling that delicious tingling building in my core.

He leaned down and undid my pants, shoving them down my hips and dropping them to the floor. I kicked them aside and waited for him to take his clothes off. He did, revealing his erection eager and waiting for me. I dropped down on my knees and took the head of his cock into my mouth. He didn’t bother being gentle this time, and I relished every moment. He thrust in and out of my mouth hard, fucking my mouth, and I took him deep into my throat. I could tell he was excited, but trying to control himself so that he didn’t blow his load.

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