Small Town Curves: A Pregnancy Romance

Author: Piper Sullivan
Category: Romance
Total pages: 61

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Small Town Curves: A Pregnancy Romance

My move to Texas was always meant to be temporary.
I rented a house so small it could fit in my closet in LA.
And I only brought, like, three dozen sexy outfits appropriate for seduction.
See? Temporary.
And then I ran into a sexy SEAL with the boy next door appeal, and I wanted him.
Not to keep, just for a little while...
Just for a night, or two.
But ten tests later and it looks like I might end up with him for a lot longer than either of us planned.
What’s a girl to do when Mr. Temporary starts to look a lot like Mr. Forever?


♥ Welcome to the Small Town of Pilgrim, Texas… home of women with curves and the men who can’t get enough of them!