2X The Heat (2X The Pleasure 1)

Author: Nicole Elliot
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Total pages: 255

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2X The Heat (2X The Pleasure 1)

We've got the stamina baby, let us feel your heat. Bree
After a fire destroys my home, I'm left with nothing.
Everything I had went up in smoke.
Two firefighters saved my life.
Somehow I have to repay them.
But all I can offer is myself.
They want me to stroke their hoses and ignite a blaze between the three of us.
All. Night. Long.

We have a hot spot for her.
Bree is everything we're not.
Innocent. Shy. Sweet.
We have to have her.
This is not a drill.
Bree will be ours.
We want her to slide down our poles, but when we discover Bree's secret, we all learn our hearts aren't fireproof.