Untouchable (Unstoppable 1)

Author: Danielle Hill
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult | New Adult
Series: Unstoppable
Total pages: 93

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Untouchable (Unstoppable 1)

Riley Mason met the love of her life at eight years old… she just didn’t know it yet. Scratch that: she didn’t even like the guy.

Maddox ‘Reno’ Renner, the resident King of Claremont High. Dark, brooding, arrogant… you get it. He’s the kind of gorgeous no girl is immune to, including Riley. She shouldn’t feel anything for him—falling for a guy like Reno would be stupid and reckless—but when he sets his sights on her, Riley’s forced to admit just how far she’s already fallen.

With expert precision, Reno manages to break down every one of her defenses, but just when Riley starts to think it might be safe to lower her guard, tragedy strikes in a way neither one of them could have predicted, tearing them apart.

When Reno needs her most, Riley will have to fight to reach the boy who’s always held her heart, but this might be one fight she can’t win.

Because Reno’s heart has always been untouchable.