Unthinkable (Unstoppable 2)

Author: Danielle Hill
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult | New Adult
Series: Unstoppable
Total pages: 105

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Unthinkable (Unstoppable 2)

Guys like Leon Bradshaw can’t be trusted—a fact I’m not about to let myself forget. Blonde hair, blue eyes, packed body, Claremont High royalty... you know the type. There's never been any love lost between Leon and I—Pretty Boy with no substance isn't my type. And between the horde of cheerleaders and his obsession with my best friend, I'm certain I'm not his either.

But when fate delivers a crushing blow, and my world falls out from underneath me, Leon's there acting like he gives a damn, holding my broken pieces together, and forcing me to look at him in a different light.

It’s all an act, I know it is. I just need to make sure it's one I don't fall for.

Nothing about Alissa Bedford is ever easy. That might be what I like most about her. Picture a Victoria's Secret Angel with a sleek halo of white blonde hair. Then replace her heart with a slab of stone cold ice, and you'll have our resident Snow Queen. The girl despises me—snap off my balls and feed them to me through a straw type hate.

But what if that frosty exterior is only surface deep? When she lets me close enough, I can almost make out the vulnerable girl beneath the wafer-thin veneer. What if Lissa wants to keep everyone out because her heart isn't quite as indestructible as she makes out? And what if I want more than just to make the ice princess melt?

What if I want to make her mine?