LIFE Interrupted

Author: Lee Wardlow
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Total pages: 108

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LIFE Interrupted

Feet in the stirrups, staring at the ceiling, Sophie Russack waited for Doctor Ben to finish what he was doing between her legs. She tried not to think about it or she would have had a panic attack. He knew that too, so he had to do everything backwards with Sophie.

Sophie, girl, you are forty-one years old, not that the number bothered her. It didn’t. It was just a number. Often, you’re mistaken for being much younger because you try to take care of yourself but girl you really need to stop being a baby about these things. You’ve had two kids and after that experience nothing is sacred. Why does this appointment still bother you?

Her life was different than she had anticipated at forty-one. Her two best friends were having babies. Her first grandson had been born. She was afraid of these changes happening around her but not anymore.

She was with the love of her life. The only man she had ever loved. Everyone thought they wouldn’t make it after getting pregnant at eighteen, but they had proved them wrong. They fought to stay together because breaking up was too easy.
Then life threw Sophie Russack a whopper of a curve ball. She was late for her annual exam. She only had gone now because Josh hounded her about it.

Doctor Ben found a lump during her exam. Sophie Russack never thought she had to worry about breast cancer because there was no cancer in her family.

This is Sophie’s journey through all the emotions of fear, sadness, anger and finally triumph as she faces breast cancer. Along the way she meets other women facing the same battle she is.

Cancer patients must find a way to live their life while being pushed to the edge, so they can survive while their lives continue around them. Babies are born. Daughters experience heartbreak. They are wives, mothers, daughters and sisters but they show their strength and willpower to become a Breast Cancer Survivor.

Sophie only becomes stronger as cancer becomes a wake-up call for her. She changes everything about her life, except Josh.
She will never let go of him. He's her rock and her life like she is to him.