The Princess and The Warrior

Author: Haley Travis
Category: Romance | New Adult | Adult
Total pages: 25

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The Princess and The Warrior

Princess Althea’s hand has suddenly been given to a fierce warrior. Will she endure both the unexpected wedding ceremony, and what comes directly after?

As a princess, I was to be seen, never touched.
At least, not until my wedding night.
I didn’t expect to be given to the fiercest warrior in the kingdom as a prize... Tonight.
And even though I knew that our consummation would occur right after the wedding, surrounded by the elders, I never expected that I’d feel desire.
I never imagined that I’d want Trax’s hands on me.

Everything about Althea is delicate, pure, perfect.
Her gorgeous eyes beg me to keep her safe.
Her lips have never been kissed.
No man has ever felt the pleasure of running his hands over her luscious body.
I refuse to hurt her, so I plan to protect her and keep her unspoiled.
It’s not my place to take her, so I’m going to keep her whole.
That is, until she begs me.

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