Bad Boy Love (Whiskey Run Sugar 4)

Author: Hope Ford
Category: Romance | Sports
Series: Whiskey Run Sugar
Total pages: 22

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Bad Boy Love (Whiskey Run Sugar 4)

He’s a bad boy that wants me good.

His crew showed up in Whiskey Run and has the whole town buzzing.
We’ve been warned about the bikers and how they’re probably up to no good.
But Jason is so handsome, and he seems sweet to me.
At least he has a sweet tooth that has him coming into the bakery every day.
He’s always looking out for me.
He saved my chocolate pie from burning.
He saved me from an ex-boyfriend
And when a fire breaks out on my mountain, he will do whatever it takes to get to me.
I swear if he’s a bad boy... I don’t want him to be good.