The Mafioso's Lily: The Flower of the Month

Author: ChaShiree M
Category: Romance | Adult
Total pages: 38

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The Mafioso's Lily: The Flower of the Month

I should not want her, but I do.

I am the right hand to one of the most powerful men in the world and as such, I have to do things a better man would balk at. There is blood on my hands and you know what, I don't give a s***. Until HER. When my boss agrees to house this angel and keep her safe as her family goes through a dark time, he unknowingly sends me into a tailspin of want, obsession, and denial.

She is mine even though I won't admit it.

She is light, fresh air, and sweetness, things this life will soil in a second and she deserves better. I know it. So does she. So why is it that the farther I run, the tighter the string becomes pulling us together? I fall the day I make her cry. Seeing tears in her eyes knowing it is from me, is when my gauntlet is broken. Crashed and ashed. I only want to apologize, but it ends the way I knew it would...with her under me.

Now that I have had her, there is no going back.

She looks at me like the hero in her dreams. Too bad I am the killer in her nightmares. She has quickly become my whole world and I am done denying it. I am going to f*** her, breed her, marry her and keep her. Even if I have to kill everyone who stands in our way. This angel says she wanted me from the moment she saw me. I just hope she knows what she wished for.

I am not a good man, but I will cover myself in sugar for her and the family I am trying to put in her every chance I get. She is now my everything and I won't let her forget it.