Pushing the Limit

Author: J.L. Leslie
Category: Romance | Adult
Total pages: 41

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Pushing the Limit


That’s what I feel when I look at him. When I imagine what it would be like to have him. I’m thirty-six years old. Dash is only a few years older than my son. I absolutely should not look at him the way I do.

But he looks at me the same way.

All my life, my best-laid plans never worked out. Widow. Bankrupt. Alone. That last one is a tough one. It’s been years since I have been held by a man, kissed by a man. And although Dash is significantly younger than me, he is all man.
I let him push my limits. Take me to heights I have never known.

There is only one thing that can bring me back down. One person. The one who got away. And he’s back in my life. He’s offering me the chance I didn’t take before.

Be with him.

How can I choose between the man I once loved and the man who has shown me what it’s like to be a woman again?