Possessing the Princess

Author: Rie Warren
Category: Romance | Billionaire Romance
Total pages: 81

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Possessing the Princess

I want her.
And what I want, I take.
She isn’t the first thing in my life that’s off limits.
But she will be the last.

I didn’t know The Lykos was his nightclub, not at first. I didn’t realize the sexy half Greek half Russian man was the criminal mastermind behind Dubai’s thriving mafia underworld either. I’m not even supposed to be roaming around on my own, outside of the royal palace where my father the Sheikh rules my very existence, but I just can’t resist the lure of dancing . . . the lure of that man, Aris Volkov.

After one night at The Lykos—when the club comes under attack by my deranged uncle—I’m forced from one captivity to another. That’s right. Aris takes me. He kidnaps me. He despises my father as much as I do, and he’s just ruthless enough to use me to get what he wants . . . absolute vengeance.

I used to fantasize about Aris but now I’m determined to hate him. Easier said than done. He treats me like his own personal plaything, introducing me to delights of the flesh. He doesn’t care that I’m a royal princess. That my modesty has been protected all my life. That I have zero experience with men and I’m embarrassingly out of my depths.

He takes me. He uses me. He makes me want him.

There is no escape anymore. Now my lunatic uncle is after me. My father is threatening to strip me of even the smallest liberties in my lackluster life. And Aris Volkov is the least likely man to be my savior.