Pretty Little Sins (Kings of Bolten 2)

Author: K.G. Reuss
Category: Mystery | Romance | Dark | Erotic | Crime
Series: Kings of Bolten
Total pages: 157

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Pretty Little Sins (Kings of Bolten 2)

Merciless. Wicked. Treacherous. Sinners.

Waking up tied to a bed wasn’t how I envisioned my morning going. In fact, after the Kings found out my dirty little secret, I should be dead.

But if there’s an opportunity to play dangerous games, best believe the Kings are the first to call the shots.

They’ve crossed a line with me, and the Lords are ready to retaliate.

This isn’t just a war between the two sides anymore, and I’m not just a nobody now. I’m a queen who will stop at nothing to protect what belongs to me.

This is a game of survival, and I’ve never been so ready to play.