Two Cowboys For Her

Alright cowgirl. It’s time for you to ride TWO stallions!

Samantha Laurier is a 24 year old model who finds out that her father has talked to some neighboring ranchers to take out his daughter. He’s willing to offer his prized herd and the land his ranch sits on to any man who can rope in his wild child daughter.

Enter Liam and Asher. Two of the most eligible bachelors in the whole state of Texas. Either one of them would give up anything for a chance to be with the curvy, sassy spitfire that Samantha is. But beating out the other would be sweet for one other reason.

Liam and Asher hate each other.

They’ve been rival ranchers for so long, they’ve forgotten what its like to be neighbors. Until Samantha finds out why exactly her daddy is trying to sell her off.

She decides she doesn’t want to be the prize to be shared with one man. No way. If she’s going to be wedded off, she has only one condition.

She wants them both!

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