Two Wranglers

Author: Ellie Rowe
Category: Erotic | Romance | Adult
Total pages: 58

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Two Wranglers

This girl is skilled enough for two stallions!

I never expected to meet two men as fine as Owen Novack and Trent Hawk.
They bring a whole new definition to grabbing the bulls by the horns.
So, when they have a problem on their ranch, I’m all too eager to help. Someone is sabotaging their business and it’s up to me to find out who. It's going to require me to get my hands dirty.

But that isn’t a problem.
These two guys already have made my mind a pigsty.

I know better than to let my emotions join our herd, though. They'll only become a weapon for others to use and I can't afford to let the boys be branded by anything but me.

I'd rather stay focused on roping our bad guy so I can get back to tying up my two cattlemen.
And babe, let me just tell you.

I love focusing on that beef.

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