The Pool Boy

Author: Madison Faye
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Total pages: 39

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The Pool Boy

I should have looked away. I shouldn’t have watched.
Except I did, and now, him and his, uh, diving board are all I can think about…

I moved back to LA to start over after my divorce. Single, semi-retired after selling my lingerie company, and looking for a little peace and quiet by the pool.

Except that’s before I get a glimpse of something I never should have seen—the boy next door, in his bedroom, through my bathroom window. Four years ago, Mason Dunn was a cutie with an infectious smile. Now, the boy next door is all grown up.

Grown up, panty-meltingly gorgeous, and apparently, hung like a freaking horse.

He’s completely inappropriate. He’s utterly off-limits. Not to mention, he’s my next door neighbor’s son. But when the tables get turned, and it’s Mason who catches me with my hands where they shouldn’t be, I might be helpless to say anything but “please.”

He’s nine years my junior, but he’s perfectly legal. He’s perfectly yummy, too. The boy next door grew the fuck up, and I might be in big trouble.

Huge, throbbing, coated in suntan oil, and endlessly hard trouble.

Whatever is a girl to do?