Claiming Her in the Forest

Author: Cassandra Dee, Sarah May
Category: Romance
Total pages: 50

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Claiming Her in the Forest

Please be gentle, I begged. But in the forest, anything can happen.

My parents pissed me off.

They’re rich people who only care about the material things in life.

Even worse, my parents were embarrassed about my weight and wanted to send me to diet camp!

So I ran away.

But the forest is filled with animals.

In particular, there’s a huge mountain man rumored to be living deep in the woods.

He’s got sharp yellow eyes, curved talons, and teeth that will eat a young girl.

Even more, he’s virile.

So much so that I can’t help myself.

It’s the perfect way to piss my parents off. Imagine that: me with the wild beast, my soft form clutched tight in those brawny arms.

But what happens when he gets me pregnant?

Hey Readers – Emma thinks she’s Little Red Riding Hood, but what happens when the Big Bad Wolf gives her a baby? That wasn’t supposed to happen! (at least, not in Emma’s elite world) You’ll love the story, I promise! Xoxo, Cassandra