Dirty Owner

Author: Aila Glass
Category: Romance | New Adult | Erotic
Total pages: 22

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Dirty Owner

A thief. An auction. And a night that will change them both forever.


I just need the money. I'm at the end of my rope and desperate. Inside the giant auction room, I climb onto the stage, and my life changes forever. I meet a tall, dark, and handsome stranger. Well…a tall, darkly handsome stranger buys me.


I want to know who she is. The thief who dared to steal my wallet, and a lot more it turns out. When I find her at the auction, I know I need her.

Going once. Going Twice. Sold. Now she's mine.

Step inside the world of The Auction Series where the highest bidder wins. It's not goods and services on stage to be bought and sold, but people who have put their bodies in the spotlight. When the hammer comes down and the amount is paid, will love be the real currency?