Sadistic King

Author: Aria Cole
Category: Romance | Dark | Erotic
Total pages: 31

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Sadistic King

This is it. My last chance saloon. Go undercover, find evidence on one of the worst men I’ve ever heard of, take him down and get my unsteady career back on track.

Nothing could be easier, right? I’m an FBI agent. Taking down bad guys is what I’m sworn to do.

Only, the first time I meet Apollo Volos he’s not the bad guy I’m expecting. On the contrary: he’s my savior, stepping out of the shadows to rescue me from a man who wants me dead. Or worse. At first, he treats me like a queen, then he treats me like…something else. This isn’t sweet, poetic love. It’s dark, tainted, sadistic and demanding. And I’m responding to it in a way I never expected.

My boss told me Apollo was a monster, that even his kids hate him, but all I see is a man who’s played the cards life dealt him, doing the best for his family and his community. And as for my boss? Well, I’m learning some things about him that are making me wonder exactly who the good guys and bad guys are after all.

But can I ignore my duty and follow my heart? What would that mean for the life I thought I wanted?

And can I ever really put my trust in a man like Apollo?