Daddy's Little Nurse (Daddy 23)

Author: Lila Fox
Category: Romance | Adult | Erotic
Series: Daddy
Total pages: 53

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Daddy's Little Nurse (Daddy 23)

Anna hates working at the hospital until she gets a look at her new patient. Something about the mystery man draws her in and makes her instinctively want to protect and care for him.

Zachary wakes up in a strange hospital bed. At first he's confused, then pissed, when he realizes someone must have found out his identity. Now all the work he’s done on the case was for nothing. When Anna walks into his room, it calms him and puts his worries aside. He lets a woman take care of him for the first time in his life.

He decides to take Anna home to care for him until he’s fully healed but also to keep her with him where she belongs. When danger returns into his life, he does everything he can to push her away to protect her—even if it means he'll lose her. Her safety is more important than his happiness.

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