Twyla's Teacher Daddy

Author: Honey Meyer
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Total pages: 58

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Twyla's Teacher Daddy

She's been a very bad girl, he could be the man to teach her a lesson…

Gunnar Fox has the patience of a saint. You have to when you teach high school. But his thoughts about Twyla are anything but pure.

She’s nineteen, in her second senior year at Clover Hills High, and she has a reputation. She’s loud, she’s crude, and she breaks all the rules. 

Gunnar doesn’t like brats but something about Twyla says she’s just never had anyone teach her how to be good. 

Maybe he could be that man. 

Maybe he could be her daddy. 

Gunnar rescues Twyla from one threat, but can he keep her safe from her stepfather without ending his career? And can Twyla learn to trust Gunnar or will she push away the only person who’s ever been willing to put her first?

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