Devaney's Doctor Daddy

Author: Honey Meyer
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 62

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Devaney's Doctor Daddy

When you’re a single mom, who’s your daddy?  

Devaney Bishop is glad to be free of her ex-husband, but juggling work and two on-the-go sons isn’t easy for anyone, and Devaney’s been struggling with debilitating health problems. Problems that culminate in a mortifying moment in front of her kids’ dreamboat doctor. 

Eric Southerland is Clover City’s most well-respected pediatrician--and also the first person mommies and daddies call when their littles are injured, under the weather, or due for a very special trip to the doctor’s office. As beloved as he is, Doctor Eric hasn’t found a little he’d like to call his very own...until newly divorced Devaney Bishop falls ill in his exam room.

Devaney’s used to doing everything herself, but compulsive caretaker Eric won’t tolerate her self-destructive stubbornness. He might get his way while she’s sick, but once she’s recovered will she still want what he has to offer? And will she be able to trust him after the abandonment she’s already suffered?

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