Time Exposure

Author: Persephone Autumn
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 59

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Time Exposure

Tu es les étoiles de ma lune. Always.

Thirteen years ago, I abandoned the love of my life.

Thirteen years ago, the love of my life vanished without a word.


Fate has given us another chance.

Jealousy is trying to rip us apart.


I refuse to lose her again.

Will he actually come back to me?


Cora said words mean nothing. Not unless I back them with actions.

I will flip my world upside down. Relinquish everything. All for her.


Gavin said he will fix everything. Fix us. His promises are unreliable.

Until I see it with my own eyes, hope is not an option. My heart can’t handle it.


Fate brought us back together, but time and distance change people.

Can we overcome our obstacles? Will our love stand the test of time?

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