100 Percent Spoiled

Author: Frankie Love
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 13

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100 Percent Spoiled

New Post from @Brat4Life: My Dom was at work and texted asking me for some naughty pics. Prime opportunity to be a dirty little brat, right? I sent photos of me making a mess around the house. He was so annoyed! He was like, where are the tit pics? Of course I escalated the situation! I was LOL’ing so hard. Next thing I knew he was at the house, telling me I was in BIG trouble. Mission accomplished! *takes bratty bow*

The set-up: A group of BRATS love to chat in an online forum about their sex lives.
The stories: Each stand-alone story is a look inside the relationship of a BRAT and her TAMER.
The steam: Scorching hot monogamous pairings with love, trust, and kink.

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