Master of Pleasure (Lessons From the Rack 3)

Author: Tara Sue Me
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Series: Lessons From the Rack
Total pages: 59

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Master of Pleasure (Lessons From the Rack 3)

Five years ago, Terrence and Ronnie’s evening of incomplete pleasure ended with unspoken plans to get back together soon. Those plans died a slow and painful, public death when their private parting was captured by the paparazzi, and their identities were published for everyone to see, including each other. Because while Ronnie had no idea the Dom she’d played with was Hollywood’s golden boy, Terrence Knight, he didn’t know she was the just-turned nineteen year old daughter of the most conservative man in the US Senate.

When their paths cross again at RACK Academy five years later, they’re both wary of the other and vow to keep their distance. It’s a promise they don’t believe they’ll have any trouble keeping. However, they didn’t count on the not-so-subtle matchmaking attempts of the two couples residing at the academy with them for the summer, Fulton and Andie Matthews, and Lennox and Marie MacLure. As the summer goes on, they find it more and more difficult to resist the temptation of giving into what they both want - to finish what they started five years ago.

But the forces behind that long ago night have yet to be discovered, and the truth has the ability to bring an end to Terrence and Ronnie before they can truly start.

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