Three Days of Holiday

Author: Megan Matthews
Category: Romance
Total pages: 49

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Three Days of Holiday

Never Fall in love with the Enemy. Sounds easy. Or is it?

I have one chance to win Maine’s Annual Apple Cider Taste Off and claim the prestige that comes with being awarded the state's best apple farm. I’ve spent a lifetime preparing and now I’m ready to sweep the competition.

There’s no time for the new mysterious hot guy who shows up at the competition with his adorable dog Bacon. His smile begs me to give him a shot, but I’m focused on beating Causebay Family Farms at this year’s Taste Off. What might happen if I take my eye off the prize for one night of drinks and desserts?

Winning this competition will put Oceanview Orchards on the map. I can’t lower my guard now. My family needs me to prove we’re the best apple orchard in Maine. No one can stand in my way.

The stakes are high and losing might cost me everything.

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