Author: Brooke Ramsey
Category: Romance
Total pages: 91

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It was like some kind of horrific art exhibition…

Seven decomposing bodies suspended in the trees—as if positioned in hammocks.

Swaying in the wind.

All dressed in identical white gowns.

Redwater is a small, quiet town. Things like this don’t happen in Redwater…

No one likes a visit from the Sheriff on a Sunday evening.

Zoe Seacombe is looking for a fresh start—and a way to escape her tragic past.

So, the last thing she expected was an evening visit from the local sheriff, Mitch Shaw.

When he told her he’d found her missing sister, she’d felt relief—faith that perhaps God did exist, and he hadn’t completely abandoned her.

But Mitch’s next words shattered her world: Lana had been found dead in the woods, suspended between two trees.

Zoe didn’t think anyone could understand her pain, but Mitch understood it better than she knew. Determined to find the killer before any more women were hung from the trees, Lana and Mitch join forces to find Redwater’s serial killer.

But Zoe is much closer to the killer than they realized, and she is his next target.

Mitch has already buried the love of his life once and he refuses to do it again.

Can Mitch find Zoe before it’s too late?

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