Sick of This Ship

Author: Mari Sol
Category: Romance
Total pages: 53

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Sick of This Ship

Mistaken Identity. A Caribbean Cruise. Can seven steamy days at sea turn these two enemies to lovers?


I would do anything for my sister. That includes pretending to be her on a cruise so she can stay behind and spy on her cheating husband.

My job? Take over her Instagram and enjoy myself.

But my tropical holiday becomes anything but relaxing, once I meet Sebastian Greer. Pain in the ass extraordinaire. A desperate man who can only be looking for one thing - to hook up with all the single women he can find on the ship.

Unfortunately, Sebastian seems to be everywhere I go. And the thing is, the more I run into him, the more I realize that maybe I was wrong about him after all.


Seducing a beautiful woman on a cruise? Sounds like a dream come true, right?


I’m not here to fall in love or even hook up. I’m here to catch a cheater.

That’s right, my boss thinks his wife is unfaithful, and it’s my job to prove it.

There’s just one problem…the more I get to know my target, the harder I find it to fight these unexpected feelings for her.

When she confesses that she’s not who I think she is, I’m pissed - even though I’ve been lying to her too.

With tensions flying high, we’re both sick of this ship. The end of the cruise can’t come soon enough. But after we disembark, no matter how much I want to forget her, I can’t. The question remains: could we overcome our secrets and have a future together, or did our ship already sink?

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