Sinful Promise

Author: B.B. Hamel
Category: Romance | Adult | Erotic | Crime
Total pages: 77

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Sinful Promise

I’m in his bed learning the limits of my body.

Peter Calimeris. Greek mafia son, monster in a perfect suit, and the only man keeping me alive.

He’s supposed to be my bodyguard, but he barely notices me.

At least until Peter gets involved in a business deal with my half-sister.

I use my family connections to forge a pact between us: if he teaches me how to fight and survive, I’ll help him win a lucrative contract.

It’s a deal neither of us wants but both of us needs.

He’s a brutal teacher. Firm but honest and fair.

And one night, after I give out as many punches as I get, we find there’s something more between us.

It’s a mistake that feels too good to ignore.

Now the world is crashing down and a rival Greek mafia wants to stop this business deal with my half-sister from going through.

But all I can think about is whether Peter will break me, and whether I want him to.

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