Beautiful Corruption

Author: B.B. Hamel
Category: Dark | Adult | Crime | Romance
Total pages: 80

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Beautiful Corruption

My family sold me to a gangster.
And all he wants to do is corrupt me.

The first time we met, Carmine rubbed my face in dirt.

The second time, I found out my family was selling me to him.

And the third time, he promised to drag me down to his filthy level and expected me to like it.

Carmine is a gorgeous billionaire with dark mob ties and wickedly twisted taste, and my family is in horrible financial trouble. They’re desperate enough to take his money in exchange for my life.

Now I’m stuck engaged to a man that represents everything I hate. A man that wants to smear me with mud for his own sick pleasure. A man that thinks I’m too clean—and wants to make me dirty.

I’m nothing but a pawn to my family and a toy to Carmine.

But I have my own goals and I refuse to let my future husband ruin me.

I won’t survive to see my wedding night. But neither will Carmine.

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