Tempting the Hijacker

Our flight was hijacked, but I tempted the terrorist with my curves in order to save my fellow passengers.




I was so excited to fly first class because I’ve never had the opportunity before. After all, I do well in my career, but it’s not like I’m swimming in cash. So this flight was supposed to be a special treat, except that halfway over the Atlantic, we’re HIJACKED!

The hijacker is huge, growly, and totally insane. He’s got blue eyes filled with rage, as well as the terrifying physique of a professional bodybuilder. His broad shoulders fill the aisles, and those rippling thighs are as thick as tree trunks. Even worse, he’s got a HUGE weapon that makes me quiver.

To keep the peace, I beg him not to hurt anyone. I’ll do anything, I promise, to keep my fellow passengers safe


To my surprise, this crazy man locks us in the lavatory …

Tells me to get on my knees …

And soon, we’re engaged in acts so rancid and filthy that I’m choking and gasping, even as my insides are flooded with heat!

How can this be happening?

But against all odds, I’m attracted to the handsome criminal … and soon, I’m pregnant with the hijacker’s baby too! What do I do now?

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