Fifth a Fury (Goddess Isles 5)

Author: Pepper Winters
Category: Romance | Suspense | Erotic
Series: Goddess Isles
Total pages: 125

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Fifth a Fury (Goddess Isles 5)

"There was a beginning once. A beginning that started with being sold to a monster I fell for. There was an ending once. An ending that came cloaked in bloodshed and fury."

Eleanor Grace is a simple mortal who has the power to topple a god. She captured his heart, fed him a different future, and fought for a fantasy that wasn’t make-believe but destiny.
Sully Sinclair is a man masquerading as a monster. He let down his shields and allowed a goddess to show him a simpler path. However, neither of them could predict the war that was coming, nor the toll it would take.
A fated romance.
A fight that will finish in tears.