Exposed to Him


My mom and I had to run from them.

If they find us, we're as good as dead.

I wanted to be something other than a mafia queen and obey their rules.

I want to go to college and live my life.

Everything was going smoothly until Jared came walking into the diner that day.

He is the opposite of the man who held me captive after he murdered my father.

Jared is so sexy in his leather jacket with tattoos up his neck. He is the president of the Viper MC and has my heart in his hands.

All six foot three of this male perfection came barreling into my world, and I couldn't help but think what I would do without him…



Holy sh**, this girl is a goddess.

She has long brown hair and a perfect body, begging to be touched.

She looks afraid and unsure of herself like she's running from something or someone.

All I know is I have to have her, save her.

And once I have this beautiful woman, I will protect her.

She will be the one.

She will be mine…

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