Being the mother charter prez, I've got to lead by example. Treat your old lady with respect. Keep a level head. Never make rash decisions.

But Aaliyah tips my entire world upside down. My blood runs hot every time she steps into the room. It's a struggle to keep my hands to myself around her.

It's easier when I know she's got a man she lives with.

But when he screws up . . . well, that major boundary is now off the table, and I'm about to wreck my entire world and destroy the example I'm trying to make because Aaliyah . . . I need a taste.


Johnston is the kind of monster your parents told you wasn't under your bed when you were a little kid. He's the boy your parents warned you not to date when you were in high school.

He's the definition of danger and a bad member of society.

But I don't care; I can't help myself. I've always had a taste for the wild side, and I'm telling you--it doesn't get much wilder than Johnston.

But apparently, I like them really wild because Johnston is married.

Talk about opening a new can of worms.

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