The Malevolent Heiress


The light has been snuffed out and I’ve fallen into darkness. Under my watch, they took her from me—the woman I loved to hate and hated to love. Until I just loved.

My enemy becomes my ally as we scramble to discover who’s behind Malia’s disappearance. Our suspect: a demon of the past, a ghost in the underground who’s successfully eluded one of the most powerful men in the country for the last twenty years.

I won’t stop until she’s by my side again, even if all that’s left of this planet is ashes when I’m done.


A phantom from a past I cannot escape holds my future in his demented grasp. Panic sets in when the threat of history repeating itself rears its ugly head.

I know my baby girl is strong. I know she’s a fighter because I molded her into a deadly weapon. But, as I struggle to hold onto my sanity, the memory of what that phantom did to my best friend and his wife creates insidious fissures in my reason.

We will get Malia back. But at what cost? And will she still be my strong baby girl when we do?

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