Breathing Fire (Heretic Daughters 1)

Author: R.K. Lilley
Category: Vampires
Series: Heretic Daughters
Total pages: 75

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Breathing Fire (Heretic Daughters 1)

Sometimes a head start has a price...
Jillian and her sister have been on the run for longer than either will ever admit to (a lady never tells her age) but sometimes even the most dedicated fugitives have to stop running, and start fighting.
I was already having the day from hell when two angry druids stormed into my shop. Druids in my shop was bad. Very bad. Their presence in my place of business was a disaster no matter how you looked at it, but the fact that I knew these two druids in particular was an outright catastrophe. The fact that they happened to hate my guts certainly wasn't going to help matters, though it was hardly surprising. Even druids who didn't know me cursed at the sound of my name...

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