Under His Watchful Eye

Author: Jamie Knight
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 19

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Under His Watchful Eye

My boss has been watching me.
A little too closely.

My office is on lockdown and we're all working from home.
The company has installed cameras on our computers to make sure of it.
But I start to notice my boss paying a lot of attention to mine.
He says he wants me to show off my skills to him.
And soon we're having a little too much fun on the job.
There's only so much we can do remotely, though.
He's possessive and controlling, and he can't get enough of me.
So he invites me to come quarantine in his mansion.
Then he'll really be able to keep an eye on me.
Not to mention both of his hands.
Suddenly work just got a lot more interesting.

But is it just an entertaining distraction during these crazy times?
Or does he want to keep me in his sights- and life- for good?

Under His Watchful Eye is a standalone office quarantine romance with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a very happily ever after.