Her Innocent CEO

Author: Flora Ferrari
Category: Romance
Total pages: 29

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Her Innocent CEO


I’ve watched her from a distance. Felt the things she does to me, imagined the things I’d do to her.

But today’s the day. I’ve made up my mind.

I have to tell her, I have to make her mine.

Slight problem.

My building’s being swarmed by the feds. I know it’s a setup, I’ve seen this coming for weeks, my own firm partner finally driving in the last nail as he tries to overthrow me.

Do I stand and fight for my innocence, or do I go to her, staking my claim over hers?


Maddox Mapleton. I could sit and stare at him all day… in fact, I pretty much do.

He’s my screen saver, his portrait’s in the foyer. He’s on the news, a lot…

And he’s always on my mind.

I’ll probably never even meet him, let alone fulfill my older guy, younger curvy gal fantasy, but who cares?

It’s not work if I’m getting paid for it and I get to feel his eyes on me all day.

I wonder what would happen, just say… if something happened so that our paths crossed.

If he came down from the top floor… all the way down here to floor fifteen…

Right here to my desk. In the flesh.

*Her Innocent CEO is an insta-everything OTT, crazy standalone instalove romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.