Bad Boy Hero - Tanglewood Academy

Author: Penny Wylder
Category: Romance
Total pages: 33

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Bad Boy Hero - Tanglewood Academy

I have a secret.
And the only person who knows is my powerful, rich, darkly-handsome classmate.

Tanglewood Academy, a place where elite students prepare for their future at the top of the food chain. They're snooty, stuck up, rude, self centered.

Thanks to working my knuckles to the bone, I get to live on campus, pretending I'm one of them.

But I'm not.

My scholarships can't pay my bills. I'm barely above water. Bullies, gossip, cruel professors... I don't think it can get worse.

Then Keanen Kross, the son of the headmaster, catches me working as a waitress at a seedy bar. I'm sure I'm screwed.
He could ruin my life, and instead...

He becomes my hero.

But even if our attraction is hot enough to burn the whole school down, we know we can't ever be together. Even if he's a bad boy, he's still a golden prince in the eyes of his family.

No way he'd sacrifice his future for a girl like me...
No way I'd let him.