The Love Trials 2 (The Love Trials 2)

Author: J.S. Cooper
Category: Romance | New Adult | Erotic | Adult
Series: The Love Trials
Total pages: 9

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The Love Trials 2 (The Love Trials 2)

Can Nancy avoid the temptations that await her at the Lovers Academy?

When Nancy Hastings received an invitation to the Lovers Academy, she thought all of her dreams were about to come true. However she was perplexed to find out that her secret crush Hunter had no idea who she was or why she was there.

Jaxon is Nancy's teacher at the Academy. He's handsome, skillful and extremely mysterious. Nancy is turned on by his charisma, but she doesn't want to be.

What happens when secrets are revealed and lovers are questioned?

When Nancy finds out a secret about the Lovers Academy, she isn't sure who to trust. Both Hunter and Jaxon have opened up to her, but only one of them has her best interests at heart.

Then something happens that no-one expects and life at the Academy is turned on its head. There's one person that will do anything to ensure that Nancy's choices are punished and they will stop at nothing to ensure that the full truth stays buried.

The Love Trials is a three book novella serial. Readers should be 18 and over, due to mature situations.