Until Death Do We Part (Sex and Vows 1)

Author: Fiona Davenport
Category: Romance | Suspense | Erotic
Series: Sex and Vows
Total pages: 24

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Until Death Do We Part (Sex and Vows 1)

Alex Shaw.
Code Name: Justice
Contracts attorney.
Adoring husband.
Spy with a reputation for being able to break anyone.

Genevieve Shaw.
Code Name: Scarlett
International art dealer.
Loving wife.
Covert operative with more kills to her name than any other agent.

They’re crazy in love… and completely unaware of what the other is hiding. Four years of wedded bliss is blown apart when they finally cross paths on a mission. They’re hunting the same target, but with very different goals. Justice has been sent to retrieve and interrogate. Scarlett to eliminate the threat.

On opposite ends of a mission, their love is put to the ultimate test.