Millionaire Crush (Freeman Brothers 3)

Author: Natasha L. Black
Category: Romance
Series: Freeman Brothers
Total pages: 86

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Millionaire Crush (Freeman Brothers 3)

I never take no for an answer.
But Lindsay is more than an obsession.
She’s my heart.

…and she’s in trouble.
Lindsay is my brother’s best friend.
She’s as forbidden as she can get.
Her guard is up.
The distance between us is plenty.
Until it’s not.
I’ve had a taste of her.
And I absolutely won’t turn my back on her now.
Her rich ex is keeping her son away from her.
She deserves to have her kid back.
And she deserves to be safe.
Protecting her is my responsibility.
And keeping her close?
My dream.
A dream that I’ll never give up on.

Even if letting her go is the best thing I could do for my own sanity.

Book 3 in the Freeman Brothers series brings you Vince and Lindsey’s story. Millionaire Crush is a standalone, full-length romance with burning passion, secrets, and drama. And don't forget the HEA that makes it all worthwhile…