The Billionaire's Heart

Author: Julie Farrell
Category: Romance | Billionaire Romance
Total pages: 35

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The Billionaire's Heart

Warning: Very hot and steamy! This billionaire novella contains a strong-willed woman, a dominating handsome billionaire, and a gripping plot full of bad guys and betrayal.

Feisty and beautiful Samira has fought hard to be allowed to leave Iran and study in America, and she's not prepared to jeopardize it for anything - especially now she's having so much fun. But when she meets handsome billionaire Ivan Quinlan, the passion they share captures her heart and she hopes a happy-ever-after is on the horizon. Unfortunately destiny seems determined to tear them apart.

Billionaire inventor Ivan Quinlan’s obsession was his secret project but then he met the beautiful Samira. Compared to the shallow socialites he's used to bedding, Samira stands out like a brilliant star, and soon the billionaire falls hard.

As Ivan and Samira begin a lust-filled love affair, Ivan's work is discovered by a mysterious organization, putting his loved ones - and his new lover - in mortal danger. With more than just their hearts at stake, can they keep their secrets from falling into dangerous hands or will they lose everything, including each other?

One thing’s for certain, Samira is about to discover that life in America isn't quite as simple as she'd hoped...