The Bad Boy's Bride

Author: Penny Wylder
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 33

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The Bad Boy's Bride

Could you marry a stranger?
A girl I've never met holds the key to the ranch I've sweat and struggled for, and if I don't convince her to wear my ring, that's it. No consolation prize.
I should have been furious.
It's hard to be angry at someone when they've got legs that reach to Heaven and curves you could use as a Slip n Slide.
Thanks to my lawyer, she agreed to take a chunk of cash and that would be the last we'd ever see of each other. Married on paper, nothing more.
Then out of the blue she showed up at my ranch.
Then I saw how she looked riding one of my horses.
Then... I realized marrying a stranger might not be so bad.
Rachel isn't ready to give herself to me, body and soul, just yet.
But I'm obsessed with her.
So I'll find a way to keep my bride happy.