Full Service (Pleasure Chest 2)

Author: Penny Wylder
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult | Fiction
Series: Pleasure Chest
Total pages: 15

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Full Service (Pleasure Chest 2)

It started with a simple question: “Do you know how this toy feels?”
Being asked about a sex toy is one thing. Being asked by a melt-your-panties-off tower of male-hotness is something else entirely. I mean, when I took this job, I figured I’d have to try out the merchandise so I could give advice, but… I never imagined this.
Every day he comes in, and each time, he has a new question.
A new toy.
And his wicked smile says he expects me to try them all out and report back to him.
The weirdest thing? I’m doing it. I can blame it on wanting to do a good job, but the reality is I’m rolling around in bed thinking about a stranger.
Just when I’m sure he’s gone far enough… he asks me to try out a toy while he watches.
It’s insane--totally perverted, totally wrong.
So why did I tell him yes?