My Bestie's Dad

Author: Cassandra Dee
Category: Romance | Billionaire Romance | Adult
Total pages: 30

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My Bestie's Dad

I went to a depraved club and came out pregnant by my best friend’s dad.

Some girls have all the luck. They meet their man, get married, and start cranking out babies.
But I’m not like that.
I like things a little different, so I go to the place that satisfies those dark desires: The Cube.
What we do in the club is off-limits and taboo to normal society, but it scratches an itch I have deep inside.
Unfortunately, one night I meet a man at the Cube who takes my breath away. He’s just as dark, dangerous and twisted as me, but then his mask falls away …
Omg, I’ve had a crush on Brent Marshall for years. And now he’s being naughty with me, his daughter’s childhood buddy.
What do we do?
Or more accurately, what happens when I get pregnant from our illicit encounter?

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