Seduce Me (The Billionaire Banker 4)

Author: Georgia Le Carre
Category: Young Adult
Series: The Billionaire Banker
Total pages: 53

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Seduce Me (The Billionaire Banker 4)

Book # 4, Seduce me, the billionaire banker series.

Lana Bloom believes she has won her man and sidestepped Blakes  treacherous ex--she could not be more wrong. With a day filled with so many mixed emotions, will all go smoothly for the lovers on their big day?

All through her young life, Julie Sugar has dreamed of only one man, but he has had eyes only for another. When Julie receives an invitation to be one of the bridesmaids at the wedding of her old school friend, Lana, she cannot pass the opportunity of seeing him again, even if it means she must conceal a shocking secret from her friend.

When things don't work out as she planned, the mysterious and breathtakingly handsome Vann Wolfe, offers her hope of the most surprising kind: private lessons in the art of seduction with him.

Twelve sessions, three times a week.

But just who is seducing who?

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