Love's Sacrifice (The Billionaire Banker 5)

Author: Georgia Le Carre
Category: Young Adult
Series: The Billionaire Banker
Total pages: 35

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Love's Sacrifice (The Billionaire Banker 5)

Some secrets wont stay silent...

An evening out at the theatre for Lana and Blake ends prematurely with shocking news.

Frantic, the couple rush home to discover their worst fears. And Blake is forced to confront the realization that his new family is on a collision course with his past — caught in the crossfire of adversaries who won’t hesitate to hurt them.

Once again Lana shows the strength that underpins her character to keep her family together, but with Blake already weakened by the revelation of devastating secrets, will they be strong enough to face down such menacing adversaries?

Lana and Blake know that time is running out and difficult decisions must be made, ones that will irrevocably and forever alter their lives.

And that ultimately, Blake will be called upon to make the greatest sacrifice of all…