Jock Blocked

Author: Jenika Snow
Category: Romance | Adult
Total pages: 32

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Jock Blocked

We were just friends.

That’s how it had always been, and that’s how it would always be … if I had any self-control.?

Who said we had to stay in the friend zone??Apparently I did, for far too long. But the truth was, I didn’t think there was anything sexier than having blurred lines when it came to Stella.?

The girl I’d wanted for longer than I’d ever admit to anyone.?My best friend.?The smartest, prettiest girl I’d ever seen, ever known.?

I was the star quarterback, the most popular guy in high school, who could have had any girl he wanted.?

But I didn’t want any of those things. I didn’t care about any of that.?All I cared about, all I wanted was one thing.?


?And the longer I stayed back, tried to keep myself in control where she was concerned, the more possessive I became, the more obsessed with her, the more jealous I became when a guy even looked in her direction.?

There was nothing worse than being a jock block to yourself. But I was about to change all of that.?I was about to make Stella mine.